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Peacock Feathers, Lavender & Western Stuff

We have many peafowl on site and offer their gorgeous tail feathers for sale - if you've ever seen a peacock doing it's dance, it's a sight to behold. They shed their long tail feathers after every mating season. Peacock feathers make a beautiful display; use them anywhere you want a splash of color. We also grow an abundance of fragrant lavender on our farm and offer dried lavender sachets - for your home, office, car, gym bag, under your pillow or anywhere you'll enjoy its' sweet smell and calming effect. Other products include our western Hand & Hoof Salve, popular among cowboys & cowgirls for dry, cracked horse hooves and has amazing healing properties for your dry, cracked skin too. Works wonders on paper cuts! We also sell our organic extra virgin olive oil in a saddle oil - "old timers" have used extra virgin olive oil for decades to recondition tack, boots and leather products - saddle care in a bottle. Note: Saddle oil may darken leather.

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